Welcome SKP Freethinkers

Reasonable Rationals Campfire

To the Campfire of the

 Reasonable Rationals.

This is one of the websites catering to the needs of our SKP Freethinkers BOF.  If you stumbled in and are unfamiliar with these terms, they are explained on the website of our RV club.


Many SKPs join our BOF initially unaware that it was founded on the principles of the "Freethinker Movement" as a "church vs. state" political advocacy group.  Another private website, popular with the Activist Atheists (AA) among us, can be found here.


Our Reasonable Rationals (RR) model is a campfire, not an unpopular political movement.  We hope everyone can relax here and enjoy some uncommonly stimulating conversation without "signing up" for anything.  We invite you to bring your own margaritas, an open mind, and chat a spell.  We hope you find it warm, cozy, and friendly; and will decide to return often to our:


We expect most members will find value at either forum.  Great; this is not a competition.  Some of us who value the "Free" in Freethinkers, just needed a little more elbow room where an RR can discuss topics generally unwelcome on the AA's more politically focused forum, without adhering to formal politically correct speech conventions, or fear of censorship and/or censure at the slightest infraction of stultifying rules.


SKP Hugs,


The Reasonable Rationals Committee


PS: The details of what lead to the need for alternative forums for the SKP Freethinkers, are forever memorialized here; but we don't recommend anyone bother to read them.  At this point, we are far more interested in looking forward to thoughtful conversation, than back at old wounds.  We hope you are too.